Did you know there were different types of entrepreneurs? Forbes breaks down entrepreneurs into three categories: a builder, an opportunist and an innovator. Want to know which type you are? Read on to find out:
A Builder

The first type of entrepreneur is a builder. A builder is an entrepreneur who is looking to build an extremely highly scalable business in an extremely short amount of time. Typically, a builder entrepreneur breaks the five million dollar mark through revenue within four years. According to Forbes, this type of entrepreneur is concentrated on recruiting the best talent, attracting the best investors and securing the best of the best when it comes to their customers. Typically, a builder entrepreneur is on the controlling side and sometimes struggles to maintain a healthy work life balance.

An Opportunist

The opportunist in entrepreneurship is more interested in the selling and the marketing of the product than the builder entrepreneur. They tend to be great detectives when it comes to opportunities to make money, when to ride the wave of growth and also when to pull out. As the name implies, this type of entrepreneur is able to find opportunities in the most unlikely of places. One drawback of this type of entrepreneur is they tend to make impulsive decisions. This can either turn them into an amazing entrepreneur or a failed one, all depending on the outcome of their decisions.

An Innovator

A good person to think of when you picture an innovator is Mark Zuckerberg’s character in The Social Network. An innovator entrepreneur typically finds a business opportunity while they are already doing what they love. These types of entrepreneurs like to keep doing what they love, whether that be social media creation or any other type of business. The innovator is not as interested in the other aspects of the business such as dealings with money and is more likely to leave them up to someone else.

Whether you are a builder, an opportunist or an innovator, you are still very similar to your entrepreneurial counterparts. Entrepreneurs are go-getters who stick to their ideas. While each entrepreneur is a little bit different in their style, they all share one goal: success.