Scientists say that we are wired for the most production to occur during the early morning hours, typically before lunch. How can you maximize the productivity of your mornings? The following methods have proven to be helpful for productive mornings.

Get Enough Sleep

Most Americans do not get the recommended amount of sleep per night. When you deprive yourself of adequate sleep night after night, your mornings are going to become miserable. To avoid this, get enough sleep! Find out exactly how many hours your body needs and make sure you are giving your body that rest daily. It is said that the hours of sleep before midnight are the most valuable from the recovery point of view. So try going to bed an hour earlier and see what kind of difference that makes for your mornings.

Have an Evening Routine

Your evening routine sets up the morning you will have. So, take your time and prepare everything you will need for the next day, the night before. This will help you avoid rushing around in the morning and searching for things. Instead, you can ease into the day. Pack your lunch the night before, lay out your clothing and put your keys right by the door.

Schedule Something Fun in the Morning

It can be tough to wake up early day after day if you have nothing to look forward to. Mix it up a little and schedule something fun for yourself in the morning, maybe three times a week. This could be a yoga class, a run with your dog or even just using a new product in the shower. Whatever will give you a burst of positive energy in the morning is what you should schedule. This early morning excitement will lead to increased productivity throughout the day.

As an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to lose a minute. So, instead of wasting hours every morning trying to wake up and adjust to the day, come prepared. Start your day well rested. Prepare everything you will need the night before. Lastly, schedule something fun in the mornings that will make you excited to start your day! These methods will lead to more productive mornings, will add up and lead to more productive days overall.