As an entrepreneur, your success is completely up to you. That being said, it is critical that you are aware of the most common success sabotagers and do not engage in them. The following are some of the most commonly used sabotagers of success:

You Don’t Celebrate your Success

One of the easiest ways to sabotage your success is by not celebrating yourself when you do succeed. notes that motivation can be the most difficult part of any journey. Recognizing your successes, however small, helps keep you fired up about what’s ahead. When you find success, celebrate it! It could be something simple like finding just the right painting for your office, or something huge like securing a new account or client. Whatever success you meet, celebrate it! If you don’t celebrate yourself and your progress along the way, you will start to lose sight of the end goal.

You Make Excuses

If you want to succeed, you must stop making excuses. Excuses can be anything from telling yourself that you don’t wake up in the mornings to work out because it’s too cold, to tell a customer that it’s their fault something went wrong, rather than accepting blame. The more excuses you come up with blaming other people or external circumstances for your lack of achievement harms your performance.

You Seek Approval of Others

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you must let go of the opinions of others. You will never be liked by everyone, and you will never have the approval of everyone. What you do have if your own self-confidence. Use this. Even if you are in the middle of a hugely important pitch and you catch yourself seeking the approval of the other person, focus on yourself. Tell yourself that you are capable and focus on doing your best. The rest will fall into place!

Everyone wants to be successful, but not everyone is aware of the actions they are taking that sabotage that success. Three of the easiest and quickest ways to sabotage your own success are to not celebrate your success, to make excuses and to seek the approval of others. None of these methods will get you closer to success. Instead, keep a positive attitude and remain confident!