Jon Cooper

Colorado-based entrepreneur and founder of ebbu

About Jon

Jon Cooper is a Colorado-based entrepreneur at the helm of ebbu™, a leading cannabinoid research company. He founded the company with one goal in mind: to develop products that elevate cannabis into the mainstream. From breaking down the public stigma that often surrounds cannabis to conducting cutting-edge, lab-tested cannabinoid research, this is no simple feat — but Jon and the ebbu team are proud to pave the way for the future of the industry.

A tech entrepreneur specializing in marketing and sales, Jon Cooper entered the cannabis industry in 2013. He was inspired by the recent legalization of recreational cannabis and wanted to tackle a lesser-known issue: the unpredictability of its effects. They started off small, setting up a lab and hiring five research scientists. Since then, ebbu has launched the most advanced scientific team and lab in the U.S. cannabis industry; they have already have filed more than 40 cannabis-related patents representing 1500+ inventions.

Jon Cooper was recently interviewed by CFN Media. When asked “What are some of the most exciting developments coming out of ebbu’s recent lab studies,?” Jon Cooper said “We’ve completed the cellular studies on the serotonin receptors and have some incredible prospects right now for anxiety and potentially depression. We are looking to try to get into a clinical study here sometime before end of year into early next year. “We also have shifted focus to researching the CB2 receptors, which is actually going be very important for treating inflammation and different types of pain. We’re seeing some incredible results right now and are very excited about the opportunities to start developing some real solutions for patients.

CFN Media: When will lesser-known cannabinoids eventually play a role in the industry and why?

Jon Cooper, ebbu: Right now the world basically plays with only two cannabinoids: THC and CBD.  That’s like trying to make a chocolate cake with flower and egg. All cannabinoids have very specific roles – CBG, CBN, THC-A, etc. Most of the time in combination with other compounds, there is a synergistic effect. One of the most promising compounds that we’ve studied is CBC. That potentially over time might become the most valuable compound that comes from this plant.